A great challenge to have fun and learn together, with a whole range of options that have been specially designed so that the whole family can enjoy the museum.

Discover the Medieval World.
A fun day at the museum for all the family. Visit the museum’s Romanesque and Gothic collections. Sundays at 11.00. From 5 years. Consult the Museum agenda

Saint George at the MEV for all the family
The Museum’s friendly dragon will take you on a tour to look for other dragons. August. Consult the Museum agenda

Games and Dragons at the Museum for all the Family
The Museum’s friendly dragon will take you on a tour to look for other dragons. August. Consult the Museum agenda

The Painted Sky Area
A place where parents can join in – for children between 5 and 10 years of age. Activities include drawing, painting, doing puzzles, reading, making friezes and writing – where everyone can take part. Held during school holidays in Easter Week, Christmas and summer.Consult the museum agenda.

Children's activities

The museum also organises a series of children’s activities for different times of the year, in or out of school, for holidays, weekends or as extra-curricular activities. By focusing on leisure-time education, we stimulate the imagination and offer new challenges to the younger generation.

Oservation sheets
Romanesque frontals and animals.For private visits.In Catalan, Spanish, English and French. Ask at reception.

Painting and Searching Sheets
For infants accompanied by adults – find characters and objects to colour in. Ask at reception.

The Christmas Decorations Workshop
Make and create attractive ornaments inspired in medieval art. December. Consult the Museum agenda

The Medieval Bestiary Workshop
Make creative decorations inspired in medieval art. June. Consult the Museum agenda