Attic amphora with black...


Attributed to the painter of Saint Audries

Attic amphora with black figures

Place of execution unknown
Greek, second half of the 6th century BC
Wheel-turned clay
32.7 x Ø16.5 x Ø13 cm
From the graves of Etruria (Italy)
MEV 17238

The amphora, which was used for carrying and holding liquids, has reddish-black varnish all over the vessel, with the exception of the rectangular spaces where the motif appears, between the handles that divide the vessel into two sides where the same scene is repeated. There is a radial motif painted just above the base, and there are three lines painted beneath the scene and near the base. The central theme is that of bidding farewell to a chariot. A charioteer, on the right, dressed in a long tunic, standing on the chariot pulling on the reins of the horses, is getting ready to leave; on the left, a naked young man with a spear is waving goodbye. A bird flies between the chariot and the horses. A plaited chain of double palm leaves crowns the scene. Three very similar examples attributed to the same painter are in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

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