Funerary stela with arme...



Funerary stela with armed warriors and wolf

Place of execution unknown
Iberian, 3rd – 2nd century BC
Montseny pink stone
95 x 94 x 19 cm
From Mas Rimbau, Tona (Osona)
MEV 17152

The stela shows the warlike nature of the Ausetan elites before the Roman conquest. We see here a figured scene framed on either side by three vertical baguette mouldings that separate three registers where inclined incisions make up a herringbone motif. In the central scene two figures are fighting, each dressed in a short tunic and belt from where a dagger sheath hangs. The warrior on the right is holding the head of his rival and the left arm of the defeated man is perhaps holding a shield. Both warriors seem to die in the fight: one spear is touching the stomach of the warrior on the left and the other the head of the man on the right. Below the fighters a wolf looks to the right symbolising the outcome of the action and the critical moment of death in combat. Found in 1915 on land close to the Camp de les Lloses site, it was restored and set in the wall at Mas Rimbau in 1926 and was subsequently moved to the MEV, where it has undergone two further restorations. This is the reason for the loss of several original fragments. The archaic nature of the piece and the parallels with stelae from the Ebro valley make it possible to propose this chronology.

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