Individual burial deposi...


Individual burial deposited in a simple grave

Middle Neolithic (3500 - 2500 BC)

From a Savassona grave, Tavèrnoles (Osona)
MEV 12445

At the beginning of the 1960s six “graves” were found, burials used by the groups of humans who lived in this area during the middle Neolithic. In one of them, found at a depth of 3 metres and enclosed by two slabs and a heap of stones, the skeleton of a woman of about 25 was found, in a foetal position, lying on its left side and with the head facing south. The only grave good was a small polished stone hand-axe. It was on a sample from this skeleton that in 1962 the first Carbon 14 dating was carried out in Iberian Peninsula. The “graves” are burials typical of the middle Neolithic in the coastal and pre-coastal area of Catalonia and which in some cases reach areas like the plain of Vic. The objects making up the grave goods often reveal the existence of significant social differences within those communities.

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