Large flint lamina



Large flint lamina

Place of execution unknown
Chalcolithic-early Bronze Age (2200 - 1500 BC)
Flint cut by reinforced pressure
31 x 3.5 x 0.5 cm
From the megalithic grave of Serra de l'Arca II, Aiguafreda (Vallès Oriental)
MEV 4991

The “large laminas” are particularly significant stone tools. Given their size, which is exceptional in this case, the support of the raw material had to have a certain volume and be of excellent quality. Made with a very specific cutting technology, only a few individuals could have had the ability and the technical know-how necessary to make them, so much so that they may be considered truly specialised productions. The “large laminas”, which are generally found at funerary sites (multiple burial caves, megalithic graves…) are products originating outside Catalonia that, both for their singularity and for the area they covered, show us evidence of the existence of large networks of inter-group contacts around which people, material goods and information must have travelled.

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