Altar frontal of the Vir...



Altar frontal of the Virgin of the Rosary

16th - 17th centuries
96.5 x 179.5 cm
From L'Estany (Bages). Previously in the church of Santa Maria in Caselles (Bages)
MEV 8279, 24294

In the section of Baroque decoration, panels of tiles on a religious theme are especially important. One or several main themes are combined with other mass-produced tiles, called sample tiles, to fill various spaces such as altar frontals, in this way achieving a very rich decoration, striking and at the same time resistant to atmospheric agents and the passage of time, and very easy to clean and maintain. The combinations of the different types of tiles delimit the spaces, frame the main themes and arrange the colours in the manner of a carpet or a tapestry. This frontal is centred upon the Virgin of the Rosary, who, with the Child Jesus in her arms and standing on plants, is surrounded by the rosary. At the sides there are geometric floral tiles forming the background, and they are framed by other Mannerist stylised floral borders. Above, there are several more borders that round off the ensemble and perfect it.

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