Ceiling tile



Ceiling tile

Catalonia or Valencia
15th century
Terracotta, in relief
41 x 41 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 6001

During the 14th and 15th centuries tiles of many different types were made in Catalonia, among them tiles in relief that we may consider as being for the open air, or to be part of a building. At times they have traces of polychromy added after firing. Although it could not have been a ware as abundant as that of wall tiles, many have been found in different places in Catalonia. On this tile a figure pokes its head out between two branches of what seem like the arms of a star with a face in profile. The clever decorative distribution in the space available and its careful manufacture make this tile a very notable and original piece. There is doubt as to its provenance, as although they have also been found in Valencia, the Renaissance decorative characteristics put it closer to the other contemporary Catalan wares.

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