Ceiling tile



Ceiling tile

15th century
44 x 35.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 6368

This is a 'socarrat' featuring the figure of an angel. These tiles, produced in Paterna in the Middle Ages, were set between the beams of the ceilings in seigniorial houses, like coffering. The decorative technique is similar to that of the fresco: a layer of quicklime was applied to a slab of fired clay, and it was painted on with red ochre or manganese. The chemical reaction of the lime fixed the design. This procedure involves a quick execution of the drawing and a lively line of great plastic strength. The decorative motifs are large, so that they could be admired from a distance, and very varied. On this one, the central figure is an angel with large wings in place of its arms. Although the decoration is very deteriorated, it allows us to see the composition perfectly adapted to the space available, the background of large circles and tendrils and the main figure, the angel, just like the ones drawn on the 'escudelles de monja' that were used in convents, with the typical women's clothing of the mid-15th century.

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