Panel with Saint Teresa



Panel with Saint Teresa

18th century
53.5 x 40 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 5054

The tiles of the 17th and 18th centuries took a route different to that of the plates and the shaped pieces. Thus, in the tiles, the series in blue only are almost non-existent and the polychromy is seen in all its splendour. Meant as covering for walls and places where they were to remain for many years, ceramic panels took pride of place for their characteristics: resistance, the vividness of the colours and the ease of maintenance. The panels of saints were placed in convents, churches, chapels, streets and in places for private devotion: many have been found, and in very good condition. Saint Teresa presents two very clear sides to her devotees: one, that of a woman practical, determined and a fighter, capable of reforming an order and founding a host of convents; and the other, that of a mystic and a writer. This image of the saint shows us this latter side. Saint Teresa, in an ascetic setting and with inspiration represented by the dove, quill and book in hand, appears among the clouds signifying her spiritual elevation. The drawing is realistic and well done, with the features regular and the face clearly meant as a portrait, avoiding stereotype. The depiction of the clouds is typically Baroque.

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