Plate from the 'Banyoles...



Plate from the 'Banyoles' series

19th century
4.8 x Ø28.7 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1546

This is the last series of polychrome plates made in the 18th century, up to the beginning of the 19th. They are pieces with a very simple design, made in a very similar way to the trades tiles, where we also find the decorative plants that accompany the central figure. Apart from plates there are also many other forms, including especially apothecary jars, of which there is a good variety. Just as the plates, drinking jugs ('càntirs'), etc., are always polychrome, the pharmacy jars appear both in polychrome and in single-colour series. In both cases they always bear the name of the product that they contained in a central inscription. Each apothecary had a lot of them to keep the various pharmaceutical components in, herbs and products, and many have been found that were still in use until recently. They are called 'de Banyoles' because the first to be classified were found there, but now there is nothing to suggest that they were not made in Barcelona.

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