Plate from the 'faixes i...



Plate from the 'faixes i cintes' series

18th century
6.5 x Ø37.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 4459

Plate from the 'faixes i cintes' series, thus called because of the ribbons that seem to be wrapped around plants around the brim. On the plates and other pieces in this series, the decorative motifs are very varied: figures, buildings, landscapes… combined. The figures are highly simplified but the scenes are very dynamic. The colour blue has decorative characteristics that determined a high level of production in this colour only from the 16th century onwards and numerous series. Blue allows for a very wide range of shades, contrasts perfectly with white and is a pleasant colour for presenting the food placed on the plates. Production in blue was very large and the series, very varied and which, all in all, we may call the Barcelona blues, are named after the motifs on the rims of the plates.

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