Manises (Valencia)
17th century
Pottery with lustre
4.4 x Ø47.2 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 2300

Large plate with lustre and gadroons. Lustre is the most complex, difficult technique and yet the most splendid. Three firings and great mastery of the kiln are needed in order to achieve it. The economic euphoria and the arrival of silver from the Americas, together with the European fashions of the time, led to the use of silver tableware by the nobility and the upper classes. Lustreware pottery was a less costly approximation to it and therefore reached a wider public. They are very elaborate, rich pieces. The decoration of this plate is wholly influenced by the Renaissance. On the brim, the gadroons are decorated with small alternating motifs, following the shape in relief. The flat base is separated from the brim by a ridge that, by being worn, tells us it was frequently used. The centre, in prominent relief and called a 'tetó', is typical of these pieces.

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