Plate of Moorish influen...



Plate of Moorish influence

Barcelona (?)
Last half of the 14th - first half of the 15th century
7.6 x Ø40 cm
From Tremp (Pallars Jussà)
MEV 4375

Chronologically speaking, blue pottery appears in Catalonia after the green and purple mediaeval wares. Blue was a novelty when the enamelled pottery technique was already well mastered by potters. This colour is obtained with cobalt oxide, more difficult to obtain than the earlier copper and manganese and therefore more expensive and selective. This very rarity, together with the desire for change and the beauty of the contrast between blue and white, meant that the new pieces were very much sought after. Pieces remarkable for their shape or size were made in blue, such as large plates, apothecary jars, etc., on which the designs, always original, show up the creative possibilities, far removed from the servile copying on other simpler pieces that bore Moorish decorations like those made in Valencia. On this plate, a large bird with a long bill rises above the water. It has a background of aquatic plants like many oriental works of art and a border of oblique lines frames it. In it we can clearly see one of the characteristics of Catalan pottery: simplicity in sobriety.

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