'Doblenc' denier

Coins and medals

James I

'Doblenc' denier

Ø1.7 cm; 0.84 g
Provenance unknown
MEV 23112

The early years of the reign of James I were marked by financial difficulties. In order to sort out the situation and pay off the accumulated debts, the young king decided to reform the coinage, debasing its quality. In 1222 he had 'doblenc' deniers and oboles minted in Barcelona, which contained two parts silver to ten of alloy, or base metal. This new coin replaced the previous 'quatern' one, which contained four parts silver to just eight of alloy. The iconography on the obverse of the 'doblenc' deniers was very innovative, as for the first time in Catalonia the heraldic device of the royal bars was stamped on them, along with the name of Barcelona, BARQINO. The reverses showed a more traditional design composed of a Latin cross surrounded by the king's name and title.

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