Coins and medals

James II


1291 - 1327
Ø2.4 cm; 3.17 g
Provenance unknown
MEV 23161

The economic and commercial expansion experienced by the Crown of Aragon during the 13th century originated the need to have high-value coinage, similar to those created by the republics of Northern Italy at the beginning of the 13th century, which had gradually been adopted by other territories. In 1285, Peter II the Great had a new silver coin minted in Barcelona, the 'croat', worth 12 'tern' deniers and equivalent to one 'sou'. The iconography adopted by the 'croats' was the same as that of the 'tern' deniers, created in the reign of James I. On the obverse there was the crowned bust of the king in profile, surrounded by his name and title, and on the reverse a Latin cross with rings and three dots in the quadrants, accompanied by the name of the issuing city.

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