Coins and medals

Peter III


1336 - 1387
Ø2.4 cm; 3.16 g
Provenance unknown
MEV 23215

James I left the Kingdom of Majorca to his second son, James, and it conserved its autonomy until it was reincorporated in the Crown of Aragon in the reign of Peter III the Ceremonious. The kings of Majorca established a monetary system of their own in order to reinforce their autonomy with regard to the neighbouring territories. Thus, in 1300 James II had new silver and billon coins issued, and in 1310 he completed the system with the introduction of the gold 'ral'. The iconography of this new coin was inspired by contemporary French mintages. On the obverse we see the king seated on the throne in a majestic pose, holding a sceptre and an orb topped by a cross, the symbols of royal power. The reverse shows a simpler but very elegant design, which consists of a cross with a double crossbar.

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