Coins and medals



First half of the 15th century
Copper gouged and enamelled
6.8 x 6.7 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 3704

The donation of this object a century ago, by a private individual (Carles Pesosin), might suggest a local find, something that coincides with the style, very characteristic and with a parallel with the site of Castellvell, where the object would be in use in 1448, the year an earthquake destroyed the small fortress of Llinars del Vallès. It is a round pendant (ring at the top perpendicular to the rest), with a floral border that alternates multifoil leaves of white enamel, in diverging parallels, and flowers with four petals. Both floral stylisations are from the repertoire of the gilt backgrounds of contemporary Catalan painting. The dragon that decorates the centre is winged and standing, surrounded by floral themes. It may possibly be an ornament from a horse's trappings: in this case it would hang from another enamel piece further up, fixed to the strap.

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