Restitution medal of Mar...

Coins and medals

Girolamo Paladino (?)

Restitution medal of Martin V

17th century (?)
Struck bronze
Ø4.1 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 23236

Papal medals have their origins in the production begun in the 15th century by Paul II. At the end of the 16th century medals called “restitution” began to be struck. They are pieces that are intended to depict “in metal” those papacies that did not strike medals at the time, as it was an art form then still quite unknown. Their production was to last until the 19th century and would offer us, though the medals, the history of the Roman pontiffs. In this case, the coronation ceremony is remembered of Pope Martin V, Holy Father from 1417 to 1431. The artists who made these medals took as models the portraits of the popes that they could see in the basilicas of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, trying to give the image enough charisma to promote devotion and popular worship. In this way, the restitution medals became an instrument of publicity for the Church.

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