Altar candlestick

Forge work


Altar candlestick

Second half of the 14th century
Wrought iron, stamped and engraved
38 x Ø24.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 542

Candlestick made up of a tripod on which a plate stands, in the shape of an open flower, from the middle of which rises a cylindrical shaft with a rhombus-shaped knot halfway up, and two cubic knots at the ends, decorated with simple geometric motifs; several radial arms bent into a U shape stem from it, ending in a serrated plate. A similar candlestick appears depicted in the scene of the miracle of the woman taking communion in mortal sin, on the altarpiece from the nunnery of Sigena (second half of the 14th century). It is a piece of Catalan origin, made by joining together various separate elements produced in series which, combined with one another, give rise to a limited number of models. Numerous examples of them are conserved in different Catalan museums.

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