Boundary cross

Forge work


Boundary cross

15th - 16th century
Wrought iron, bent, embossed, engraved and cut out, with cast elements
34 x 23.5 cm
From Santa Maria in Lluçà (Osona)
MEV 511

Boundary cross with the representation of the Calvary accompanied by the attributes of the Passion. The composition is delimited by a rhomboidal figure made from a twisted rod, decorated with small fleurons with undulating petals at the four vertices, and crosses on tripods in the middle of each section. It contains the figure of Christ nailed to the cross, flanked below by two fleurons, the pincers and the hammer. The figures, popularly made, are resolved by the use of simple schematic resources that nevertheless give the work a quite powerful dramatic expressiveness. The Museu Cau Ferrat in Sitges conserves a cross of Reproaches (Improperia) made in a similar way, from Prats de Molló (MCFS 30902), on which a Calvary richer in figures and attributes is depicted.

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