Door with ironwork decor...

Forge work


Door with ironwork decoration

13th century
Pine wood carved, assembled and nailed. Wrought iron, stretched, fluted, rolled and engraved
233 x 62 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 10785

Door leaf reinforced with ironwork decoration, which has the design habitual on Catalan Romanesque doors, consisting in a series of rods arranged horizontally that open into pairs of opposing spirals at the ends. This basic pattern is enriched in this case with a third pair of S-shaped opposing spirals in the middle of the rod. This is decorated with three parallel flutes, two of which follow the curling design of the spirals. The piece is completed with several horseshoes in rows in the top half – some of them decorated with engraved motifs – perhaps related to the patronage of Saint Martin.

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