Plate depicting the Lamb...

Forge work


Plate depicting the Lamb of God

16th century
Brass embossed, engraved and struck
6.5 x Ø47.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 15353

Another of the pieces with an abundant repertoire in the German plates of the 16th century that can be attributed to Nuremberg. It portrays, in the central medallion, the Lamb of God, with the Northern European peculiarity of blood flowing from its breast, pouring into the chalice. It is surrounded by numerous epigraphic borders, of floral stylisation, and rosettes and ovolos …, plus a series of small leaves struck at the edge. Given the fundamentally religious use of these pieces, and essentially as collecting plates, the theme of the Lamb of God is especially suitable for the alms of the Mass, in which Christ's sacrifice, symbolised in the Lamb of God, is the fundamental part. The presence of the Christian symbol was no problem when it came to distributing these industrial artefacts in the parts of Central Europe that had turned to Protestantism.

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