Workshop in the circle of the Embriachi (?)


Florence (?)
15th century (bone plates), 19th century (assembly of certain parts of the casket)
Walnut wood carved and assembled, veneered with panels of carved bone and ivory and mother of pearl, metal and boxwood inlays
19 x 19 x 11.5 cm
Florence area (?), Italy
MEV 1316

Casket with a parallelepiped-shaped box with lid of a composite and moulded outline. The decoration of the piece is centred on the thirteen panels of carved ivory set on the four sides of the box and the two panels set on the lid. The panels on the box show a procession of male and female figures dressed in clothes of a courtly air and those on the lid present a motif that is almost a badge of the Embriachi workshop, 'putti' surrounded by oak leaves holding up an almond-shaped shield. The carving work, however, casts doubt on the direct association of the casket with the said workshop and suggests a different workshop that worked in a way similar to the Embriachis. The panels are mounted on a much repaired structure, almost certainly in the 19th century, with new parts and making use of certain pieces of the original casket, for instance some of those that have inlay work.

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