Second half of the 14th - first half of the 15th century
Poplar wood cut and nailed, covered with a sheet of brass stamped with a mould and nailed
12.5 x 22.3 x 12.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1405

Casket formed by a parallelepiped-shaped box with a two-way sloping lid. The decoration, which covers the box and the lid, is formed by the repetition of three scenes: in the first, the lady standing places a garland of flowers on a kneeling knight; in the second, the lady, in an identical pose, places a helmet on the knight, also kneeling, and lastly, in the third, the lady gives the knight a bow and an arrow. At the bottom, set beneath the scenes in the manner of a running edge, the inscription appears: “Amor:merce:sius:plau”. The themes of the scenes and the legend of the inscription refer us to an idea of courtly love, in which we see the coronation of the loved one, chivalrous exchanges and tournaments, which are understood as romantic acts. These caskets were almost certainly one of the gifts habitual in trousseaux.

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