First quarter of the 14th century
Beech wood cut, covered with cloth, plastered and polychromed in tempera. Wrought iron
24.5 x 20 x 15 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 4157

Casket with a parallelepiped-shaped box and a two-way sloping lid. The front of the lid is decorated with the Crucifixion scene; on a yellow background decorated with red stars Christ appears, in the centre, nailed to the cross with three nails; Mary, on the left, with her hands together, and Saint John, on the right, holding a book in his left hand and holding his head with his right hand. The sides of the box and the lid are decorated with square spaces (alternating green and red) with elements of white foliage inside and framed by yellow borders outlined in black with a red line down the middle. The spaces on the front of the box, of a similar colour to those on the sides, have borders with black oval-shaped bulges. Stylistically speaking, the painting falls within early Gothic or linear Gothic, both for the scene, with regard to the treatment of the figures and the background motifs, and for the nature of the geometric decoration of the rest of the piece.

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