16th century
Poplar wood, sawn, cut, assembled, applied and nailed, polychromed in tempera. Wrought iron
73 x 182 x 59 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 12288

This chest is a perfect example of the evolution of this type of furniture (which appeared in the 15th century) during the 16th century. The structure and the way it is built do not vary with respect to the chests of the previous period (see MEV 4357), although the decorative repertoire does. The decoration is defined both by the moulding work (done with a more squat outline than in the previous century) and by the colour scheme. The box has three panels separated by plain uprights on the front and one panel on each side. Each of these is decorated inside with a shield surrounded by a floral garland and bows looking like lambrequins. Inside the shields, alternately on each panel, the inscriptions appear: “Francesc Cervera / Joana Lobeta”, the people the chest was made for as a wedding present or who ordered the piece of furniture to be made. The rest of the piece is decorated with polychrome floral motifs.

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