15th century
Poplar wood, sawn, cut, assembled, applied and nailed, polychromed with minium pigment and with painted paper applied. Wrought iron
65.5 x 113 x 54 cm
From Vic (Osona)
MEV 4357

This item of furniture is a paradigmatic example, given that it presents the main features of the chests made in Catalonia during the 15th century. It is formed by a parallelepiped-shaped box, built by four posts dovetailed together, set on a slightly sloping plinth, nailed to the bottom, and closed by a flat lid that underneath has two struts nailed on the sides. The decoration is defined by the moulding work; on the plinth, carved at the edge of the lid and applied to the box. The front of the box is compartmented into two panels separated by an upright with fretted tracery work; in the middle of each panel there is a moulded rhombus with the interior also decorated with tracery. The sides repeat the decoration, with a panel with a rhombus in the middle. The wood presents traces of minium and beneath all the fretted elements there appear traces of paper, originally painted blue.

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