Ciborium casket from Tav...



Ciborium casket from Tavertet

First quarter of the 14th century
Wood carved, covered with moulded stucco possibly gilded and with a wooden stand of turned boxwood
20 x 13 x 9 cm
From the church of Sant Cristòfol in Tavertet (Osona)
MEV 4672

It is made up of a receptacle, box or casket formed by a parallelepiped-shaped box with a four-way sloping lid, resting on a foot and a stand made from a single piece of turned boxwood, set in the bottom. The casket is decorated on the outside with modelled stucco reliefs: each of the sides, framed round the edge by a small baguette moulding, is decorated with undulating elongated S-shaped stalks with foliage and pearls in relief on the background. The stucco decoration may have had a covering of gold (similar to other objects made with the same decorative technique), although we cannot rule out that it was silver gilt, now lost due to oxidation. The foot is profusely moulded and the stand, decorated with incisions, presents a double knot at the top.

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