Eucharistic casket



Eucharistic casket

End of the 13th or first half of the 14th century
Walnut covered with brass embossed and nailed
12 x 13.5 x 9 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1942

Small casket formed by a parallelepiped-shaped box with a tronco-pyramidal lid with a small flat top, completely covered on the outside with sheets of brass over cloth that separates them from the wood. The iconographical themes are centred on the lid of the object: shown on the sides is the baptism of Christ, framed inside a circular motif; the front and back are decorated with the half-length figure of an angel set inside a quatrefoil motif. There is a border running round the bottom of the lid with interlaced floral motifs. The decoration of the box is based on the repetition of two curved stalks ending in palm leaves facing each other, like a border. This object, with eminently Eucharistic iconography, may have been used as a pyx or perhaps it was the box of a ciborium.

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