Relics container from Sa...



Relics container from Sant Pere in El Grau

11th century
10 x 11.3 x 8.8 cm
From the church of Sant Pere in El Grau, Lluçà (Osona)
MEV 3964

It comes from a chapel, greatly restored, with no known consecration ceremonies. It almost certainly must have experienced periods of ruin, given that the wear and tear in the inscriptions on this object may be due to the extreme solubility of alabaster in water; the baptismal font from the same church is also badly damaged, because the building must have let in the rainwater for a long time. Previous scholars of this object have grouped it in a set of seven: one of unknown provenance (MEV 9737); another, which actually cannot be related to it morphologically, from the monastery of Santa Maria in Lillet (Museu Comarcal de Manresa), and four more of unknown provenance (Museu Marès). All are of alabaster, and six have a sarcophagus structure with the container covered by a fitted stone. The distribution of this type is not clear, and perhaps only the two examples in the Museu Episcopal de Vic can be attributed to Central Catalonia. The signatures (fourteen) were deciphered by Gudiol i Cunill. As in the case of the cover from Sant Julià de Vilatorta, MEV 9719, the fact of finding some well-engraved inscriptions, in this case “Ansulfus me comparavit”, would indicate who paid for the piece (and the relics), while the other signatures would be those of the authorities and witnesses to the consecration ceremony.

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