Relics container from Sa...



Relics container from Sant Pere in Mogrony

Around the year 1000
Moulded glass
6 x 6 cm
From the church of Sant Pere in Mogrony, Gombrèn (Ripollès)
MEV 491

Like other examples in the Museu Episcopal de Vic, the Hispano-Andalusian glass pieces reused in Catalonia as relics containers are an authentic archaeological treasure, as they are preserved relatively intact (although they always have the neck broken to be able to place the relics inside them), unlike those found on caliphal sites in Córdoba, which at this time are providing very fragmented examples. This piece is also interesting in this way given that its deterioration took place in the altar where it was kept, as it was originally good enough to be a decent relics container. We do not know the date of the consecration of its altar, which could have taken place at any time during the 11th century, or even at the beginning of the 12th. It is a globular container shaped like a fig, with almost nothing left of the neck, beneath which there was a ridge marking a shoulder. Five vertical discs decorate the sides, with their central bosses, which mark the equator of the container. These disc decorations with a highly accentuated relief probably have a distant Sassanid precedent in Western Arab glassware. This object was closed and used as a relics container in the 11th century.

4 Romanesque Art
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