14th century
Poplar wood hewn, scarfed, nailed and carved. Covered with cloth and plastered, polychromed in tempera and possibly silver-plated and yellow varnish (certain parts). Nailed wrought iron
48 x 118 x 51 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 814

Trunk made up of a parallelepiped-shaped box with a convex lid. Carved on the lid are two registers (located on the front and back) of eight shields set inside sexfoil figures. Between them there is a central register of eight circular motifs with seven sails. Set transversally, there are nine wrought-iron bands nailed with four bulges in the form of flowers. The front of the box presents an upper register with six shields and a lower one with eight shields, separated vertically by seven bands with three flowers each. The sides have four shields separated by a band of iron with three flowers. It conserves the original colours: on a white background a black fillet frames and edges the front and sides, the shields are outlined with a black fillet and they may have originally been silver plated and yellow varnished; the sexfoil elements are edged with a red fillet. This trunk is a notable example of 14th-century furniture production, as it represents a type of which few examples have been conserved.

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