'Càntir' (spouted drinki...



'Càntir' (spouted drinking jug)

18th century
Glass blown with applied 'latticino' threads and pinched
26.5 x 17.4 x Ø10 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1630

'Càntir' with bulbous container and perimeter of the base with application of crimped thread, a long narrow spout and a cylindrical wide spout with almond-shaped lip. The handle is almost circular, crowned with a flower prunt. The container is decorated with vertical 'latticino' threads and pinched crests set in two directions. The 'càntir' is without doubt one of the most characteristic forms in the Catalan glassmaking of the 18th century and, together with the 'almorratxa' and the 'porró', one of the most elaborate, suitable for showing off the technical abilities of the glassmakers. They were generally objects essentially ornamental or for show, as they could not perform the water-cooling functions of their ceramic counterparts. Tradition tells us of their use at baptisms and of the fact that the almond-shaped or cylindrical ending of the wide spout alludes to the male or female infant's sexual organs.

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