Castile, probably Cadalso de los Vidrios
18th century
Glass blown and moulded with applied threads
8.4 x Ø30.5 x Ø12.7 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 1660

A serving dish with a flat bottom and a raised edge, with a chain of blue thread and waves moulded in the shape of a flower. The plate stands on a trumpet-shaped base with a reinforced bottom. The typology and the decoration of the object derive from Venetian examples, but whereas the original models were more refined in their material and their execution, this one reveals more popular workmanship, habitual in the Castilian kilns that had been active since the Renaissance. The town of Cadalso is now associated with the production of the best-quality utilitarian glass in Castile before the creation of the Real Fábrica de la Granja. Serving dishes of this kind were mostly used to present sweets or, thanks to their flat receptacles, to offer glasses containing various foodstuffs, the reason why they are called 'sotacopes' in Catalan.

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