Fruit bowl



Fruit bowl

Catalonia ('façon de Venise')
Mid-16th century
Blown, moulded glass with applied 'latticino' threads
12.5 x Ø22.3 x Ø13.4 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 225

Fruit bowl with a squat hemispherical container opening out towards the rim, on a trumpet-shaped foot with pinched trails and with a folded base. The object stands on the base gadrooned as a result of embossing in an open mould, following the typically Muranese 'mezza stampaura' process, which may be translated as the partial embossing of models, to then continue blowing the object in the air, now out of the mould. The container has a characteristic lozenge decoration in slight relief with superimposed dots of 'latticini' and threads near the rim. The shape of this type of object derived from the models made of silver and clay and its chief purpose was to contain fruit, as can be confirmed in some 16th-century pictorial scenes or in 17th-century still life paintings.

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