Central pinnacle from an...


Master of Sigena, Pere Serra?

Central pinnacle from an altarpiece with the Calvary

Second half of the 14th century
Tempera on wood
161 x 131.5 cm
From the parish church of Sant Fruitós in Balenyà (Osona)
MEV 49

The Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya conserves the high altarpiece of the Virgin from the royal convent of Santa Maria in Sigena that has lent its name to a master who shows very similar stylistic characteristics, typical of the early period of Catalan Italianate Gothic art. The style of this painter derives from the art of Ramon Destorrents and may well be the youthful work of Jaume Serra or Pere Serra. This style is characterised by the use of a short canon and simple compositions, although of a very notable technical and chromatic quality. This pinnacle in the Museum is very similar to the one on the altarpiece from the convent of Sigena and shows the figures and the groups habitual in the depictions of the Crucifixion scenes: the holy women, the soldiers and the cross with the figure of Christ in the centre. On the side uprights there are standing figures with the phylacteries of two messianic prophets: David and Isaiah.

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