Fragment of an altarpiec...


Attributed to Jaume Cabrera

Fragment of an altarpiece panel with a musician angel

First quarter of the 15th century
Tempera on wood
21 x 32,5 cm
From the church of Santa Anna in Barcelona
MEV 4160

This small fragment corresponds to the upper part of a panel of unknown topic; the uppermost part of the background remains visible, with a starry sky and musician angels. One of them has only the top of a wing in sight; the other one, almost completely visible, spreads pink and purple wings; with a very fine face of delicate flesh, framed by locks of wavy hair on each side of a headband, plays a wind instrument. The great resemblance to the musician angels from the compartment of an altarpiece with the Virgin of Humility (MEV 1948) justifies the attribution to the painter from Barcelona Jaume Cabrera. Other signs, like the stylistic coincidence with other panels attributed to this painter, or the baroque marble-like painting on the reverse of the panel, suggest that it was part of one of the gothic altarpieces in the church of Santa Anna in Barcelona, maybe the main altarpiece.

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