Tomb frontal
Room 8



Tomb frontal

1345 - 1350
30 x 92 x 38 cm
From Vic Cathedral (Osona)
MEV 10627

In the old Vic Cathedral there were several tombs of bishops, canons, notable families, and so on. Many have been lost completely, like the tomb of Saint Bernat Calbó, made by the sculptor Colí de Merville (1382). Others were badly damaged, like the tomb of Bishop Berenguer de Bellvís (1298-1301), of which a fragment of the lid is exhibited based on which we propose its attribution to the same author who made the tombs of Ponç and Berenguer de Vilaró, now kept in the Lady Chapel of La Mare de Déu del Claustre in Solsona. This alabaster tomb – also from the Cathedral – contains no explicit references to anyone in particular and the iconography decorating it suggests that it must have contained remains of diverse provenance. On the front we see the 'Maiestas' (with a phylactery and a palm leaf) flanked by two candle-bearing angels kneeling.

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