Foundations of the west ...



Foundations of the west doorway of Vic Cathedral

Second half of the 12th century

From the Romanesque Cathedral of Vic (Osona)
MEV 13634 i 16897

The old Romanesque Cathedral of Vic was demolished at the end of the 18th century to allow for the present Cathedral to be built. At the end of the Spanish Civil War, in 1941-1942, excavations were carried out that made it possible to rediscover some important elements of the demolished Cathedral. These excavations were directed by Dr. Eduard Junyent, director of the Museu Episcopal de Vic. Thanks to them the Romanesque crypt was recovered, which it was possible to rebuild very accurately and which can now be visited inside the Cathedral. The same excavations unearthed the foundations of the main doorway of the old Cathedral, which has been faithfully reconstructed in the Museu Episcopal's Lapidary collection. Standing a certain distance away and using your imagination you will be able to distinguish, in the centre, the space that corresponded to the door. On either side you see the base of the gradated arches that framed the doorway and the plinths of the corresponding columns (three on either side). The shape and the proportions of the whole suggest that it was a monumental doorway, comparable to that of the monastery of Ripoll.

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