Altar frontal with Chris...



Altar frontal with Christ on the cross

Late 17th or early 18th century
100 x 152.5 cm
From the church of Santa Creu in Palou, Mura (Bages)
MEV 628

Moulded 'guadamassil' altar frontal with the representation, inside a central rectangle, of the figure of Christ on the cross, flanked by two cypresses, and with the city of Jerusalem at his feet; it is all polychromed on a gilt and tooled background. On the side pieces and in the top border, there are ornamental motifs, gilt on a reddish background and with a few touches of colour, which have a slight relief, made with wooden moulds on the already silvered and gilt leather. The moulded 'guadamassil' was invented in the Low Countries at the beginning of the 17th century, but this technique to give relief to 'guadamassils' was not introduced to Catalonia until the end of that century or the beginning of the 18th century. It is interesting to point out how on this frontal the technique of the polychrome and tooled 'guadamassil' coexists with the new technique of the moulded 'guadamassil', in relief.

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