Altar frontal with Saint...



Altar frontal with Saint Felix

17th century
'Guadamassil', leather gilded, tooled and polychromed
96 x 180 cm
From the parish church of Rodors (Bages)
MEV 546

Altar frontal with the figure of Saint Felix in the middle, dressed as a bishop, with a palm leaf in his right hand and a millstone. This latter iconographical feature identifies him as the saint from Girona, very popular in Catalonia, who was thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck, in about 330. It has the inscription of the name in Catalan, “Feliu”, on one side, which allows us to claim that these and other similar 'guadamassil' altar frontals, which are from different churches in the bishopric of Vic, were made in Catalonia. This frontal is made of different pieces of 'guadamassil', of leather silvered, gilded with yellow varnish, tooled and polychromed. The figure of the saint is surrounded by decorative motifs, following a continuous symmetrical composition, with motifs of two-headed eagles, jugs, foliage, birds and fruit, according to the decorative models of the time.

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