Altar frontal with the A...



Altar frontal with the Archangel Saint Michael

17th century
96 x 120 cm
From La Gleva, Les Masies de Voltregà (Osona)
MEV 7053

'Guadamassil' altar frontal made up of different pieces of leather silvered, gilded with yellow varnish, tooled and polychromed, forming a main body, with a middle piece and two incomplete side pieces, and a border at the top. Inside a gilded and tooled rectangle, there is the polychrome figure of the Archangel Saint Michael, in the guise of a warrior who, spear in hand, is fighting the devil amid the flames; in his other hand he holds the scales with which to weigh the souls at the Last Judgement. He is surrounded by decorative features, like jugs of fruit and intertwining foliage, silvered, gilded and tooled, upon a dark green background, and in the border there is a fringe imitating the altar frontals made of cloth. This frontal observes the stylistic, technical and iconographical models of the 17th century to the full. We should point out the importance of the cult of Saint Michael in this century, following the counterreformation dictates of the struggle and triumph of good and the truth over evil and heresy.

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