17th century
Wood assembled, covered in leather, nailed with brass tacks. Wrought iron
63 x 116 x 44 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 2212

Leather-bound trunk, with the box rectangular in shape and the convex lid that opens on an inclined plane, made of assembled wood, covered entirely in leather and nailed with brass tacks. It has two handles on the sides and a gilt iron padlock. The nailing of the tacks has a symmetrical ornamental decoration, following curved interweaving lines. There is a drawer at the bottom on the left and a small door on the right, with three drawers inside, like a bride's chest, and it almost certainly was part of a bride's dowry, as the item of furniture containing her trousseau. The convex shape, the handles and the covering tell us that besides being a piece of furniture to contain things in, it was designed especially to be transported. Not only did the leather on this trunk beautify it, it also protected the insides from the action of the damp and insects. Leather-bound trunks, shaped like this and with a similar tacked decoration, were very usual in Catalonia from the 17th century onwards.

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