Wall covering



Wall covering

First half of the 16th century
176 x 40.5 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 4170

'Guadamassil' wall covering, in the form of a vertical border, with the depiction of a column with a Corinthian capital, fluted shaft and the base flanked by a double decorative border. It is made up of three pieces of guadamassil, i.e. leather silvered and gilded with 'colradura', tooled, and with the outlines and the ground black. We have to point out the importance of the tooling, i.e., the small marks produced by different-shaped irons, which fill the elements depicted and give the column a great feeling of volume and relief. Originally it must have been part of the wall covering for a room and probably framed a door or some other architectural feature. Stylistically it dates from the first half of the 16th century, within the Renaissance current dominated by a clear pure classicism.

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