Wall covering



Wall covering

16th century
33 x 116 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 8072

Fragment of 'guadamassil' wall covering in the form of a horizontal border that could correspond to the top of a piece of wall covering. There is a small selvedge conserved at the top which confirms its location for us. Three sewn pieces form this bit of a border, but only one of these pieces is intact. They are pieces identical to each other, with a design featuring a central motif (a vase with leaves, with two griffons rampant face to face) and two half motifs at the ends (half a small jug of fruit) that makes it possible to complete the pattern by joining different pieces together. The motifs depicted are gilded due to the yellow varnish that covers the silvered leather and are delimited by the tooled marks, made with different irons, on a green ground. Both technically, as the high quality of the tooling stands out, and iconographically, it is representative of the 'guadamassil' wall coverings of the 16th century.

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