Bride's Chest


Perot Gascó and his workshop

Bride's Chest

1529 - 1546
Wood carved, gilt and polychrome
65 x 135 x 60 cm
Provenance unknown
MEV 88

Following the Catalan tradition, this bride's chest was gilded and, above all, polychromed. It was made by the workshop run by Perot Gascó and the result was one of the most notable pieces in the history of the Catalan furniture of this period. Although we do not know where it came from or who had it made, we know that the spouses who ordered the chest were called Anna and Onofre, as on the inside of the lid there are two panels painted featuring these saints. Moreover, the busts of the couple were also drawn on the inside of the small door in the front. The groom appears dressed like a Moor, with a turban and a bushy moustache. The decoration is completed with coats of arms of the lineages of the husband and wife-to-be, painted on the outside panels of the front and the sides of this piece of furniture, used to keep clothes and other household objects in.

9-10-11 Gothic Art
12-13-14 Renaissance
15-16 Textiles and Clothing
17 Glass

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