Predella fragment of an ...


Antoni Marquès

Predella fragment of an altarpiece with the Christ of Pity

1506 - 1507
Tempera on wood
73.5 x 54.5 cm
From the chapel of the Trinity in the church of Santa Maria in Manresa (Bages)
MEV 10743

It is part of the altarpiece of the Holy Trinity from 'la Seu' in Manresa. It shows the Christ of Pity, surrounded by the different attributes of the passion. The entire altarpiece is still visible at 'la Seu', except the Christ of Pity, which is preserved in the Episcopal Museum of Vic. According to some documents found in 2007 by the monk of Montserrat Francesc Xavier Altés in the 'Arxiu Comarcal de Manresa', the artist who painted the altarpiece of the chapel of the Trinity of the Church of Santa Maria de Manresa was Antoni Marquès, from Barcelona, and not Gabriel Guàrdia as had been thought before.

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