Christ in Majesty from S...



Christ in Majesty from Sant Boi in Lluçanès

Vic workshops
Second half of the 12th century
Poplar wood with traces of polychromy
109.5 x 109.5 x 19 cm
From the parish church of Sant Boi in Lluçanès (Osona)
MEV 9723

The iconography of Christ in Majesty most probably comes from the text of Revelations that describes the vision of Jesus triumphant, dressed in the tunic, come to Earth to save humankind. He is on the cross, where the figures of the Virgin and Saint John are usually depicted, with the symbols of the Evangelists at the ends. This iconographical representation was very popular in Roussillon and the rest of Catalonia; in fact, according to 'Mossèn' Gudiol it is on record that a Christ in Majesty was venerated in Vic Cathedral until the 18th century. The Christ in Majesty MEV 9723, though it comes from the parish of Sant Boi in Lluçanès, could have been set originally in Sant Salvador in Bellver, where an Augustinian canonry was founded in about 1110. He is dressed with the long-sleeved 'manicata' tunic, and bears a close resemblance to the famous Batlló Christ in Majesty, in the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, and the Beget Christ in Majesty, conserved in situ.

4 Romanesque Art
5-6-7-8 Gothic Art

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