Chasuble of Miquel de Ri...

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Chasuble of Miquel de Ricomà, Bishop of Vic

Lucca (fabric); Florence (?) (embroidery); Italy (braids)
Fabric (15th C.), embroidery (14th C.), braids (14th C.)
Fabric: lampas tabby, three lats, one brocaded, two green warps, two green silk wefts and one of gilt membrane strip; Embroidery: linen, polychrome silks and silver gilt thread; Braids: silk and gold
114 x 69 cm
From Vic Cathedral (Osona)
MEV 10936

The chasuble of Miquel de Ricomà, bishop of Vic from 1345 to 1346, is made up of two sidepieces, front and back, and the scapular. The fabrics of the sidepieces are of the type called 'diaspre', made in the Italian city of Lucca in the late 13th and early 14th century. They are characterised by the monochrome decoration of two rows of animals, one of land animals and the other of winged animals, generally imaginary, which have metallic decorations on some parts of their bodies. Stylistically speaking, the scapular belongs to what has been called 'opus florentinum', 14th-century Florentine needle patterned embroidery.

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